How To Start A Judgment Recovery Business -
From Your Kitchen Table
This work at home opportunity is one of our most requested.
Learn how to collect court ordered judgments for your clients.
And you get to keep half of everything you collect.
I made $15,000 on my first three judgments. With this manual you can .....
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These money making ideas are all so simple. Not
"easy", (these are not "get-rich-quick" ideas), ...
they're simple. No technical barriers will frustrate
and stop you.
Testimonial:  I just wanted to say thank you for your great money making ideas and
money making opportunities. We are very pleased with both of our new home based
businesses. I started the
Judgment Recovery business, while my husband is doing the
Tax Delinquent business. Not bad for a couple of old retirees! LOL
Jenny & Joe Cora - Pennsylvania
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How To Start A Senior Day Care Business
The perfect home-based business for today's economy!
The information in this (
non-medical) guide is designed to help you start a senior day care service as a home
based business.   
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How To Start A Recruiting Business
From Your Kitchen Table
Start your own home based recruiting business using just your basic HR experience.
With many companies working to put people back to work, recruiting agents are in great demand. Companies are
hiring personnel for virtually every department. This manual, and your basic HR skills, can...  
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MPI, (Melendez Publishing International), is dedicated to offering you the best home based business and other proven money making opportunities.
home based business ideas and our work from home opportunities are legitimate home based businesses.

Each new business idea and
homebased business listed here has been thoroughly investigated for it’s legitimacy before we publish it.
Based on those researches we have compiled a list of
great money making ideas and suggestions that you can start now.

So if you're one of those that constantly complains about finding and job, but does nothing about finding one, you can either continue to sit there and do nothing - and continue to get nothing in return;
You can choose one of our
easy-to-start money making ideas and finally get started with your very own home business.
Brought to you by Melendez Publishing International
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Testimonial:  I was very skeptical, and a little nervous, about ordering your home business
books.  But the price was so low that I figured I had nothing to lose! I am very happy that I did.
I have both your
Judgment Recovery manual and your Delinquent Tax manual. I do both
part time. That's how easy they are to operate - just like you said - right from my
kitchen table.
J. Kimble - New York, NY
As seen on a CNN report:
"According to a Small Business Administration source,
this is the perfect time to start a small business".
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Top Home Based Businesses and Other Great Money Making Ideas
These manuals make great gifts. Buy one for that couch potato who claims, “I can’t find work”.
Welcome to the best collection of Money Making Ideas and Suggestions. Sure, you may find a bigger list elsewhere, but ours have all been proven to succeed,
and all can be started with little, and in some cases, no money needed upfront.
Our goal is to help you get started on, either earning a few extra dollars, or starting your very own home-based business – your choice.
Here are just a few examples of the kind of money making ideas you will find here:
Learn about Judgment Recovery. Many have already started making a nice living with this idea. (Never heard of it? Don’t worry. We’ll show you).
Learn how to Acquire Homes by simply paying off their delinquent taxes. Then resell them for a huge profit! We'll show you how.
Learn how to Start a Human Resources Consulting Business; Senior Day Care business; Recruiting Service, How to Collect Your Own Child Support, plus a whole lot more.
Is today the day you finally start earning and keeping the money you earned? Or do you enjoy working for someone else while they continue to get rich off of your efforts?
Get started today. Click on any of the titles below to learn more.
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How To Start A Human Resources Consulting Business -
From Your Kitchen Table
Using just your basic HR skills, this manual can show you all you need to know about starting
your very own HR consulting business.
What to do, where to apply it and how and where to get your clients.
Even if you only have basic HR skills, this manual can ...    
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How To Acquire Homes -
By Just Paying Off Their Back Taxes
Learn how to purchase homes and tax certificates in county delinquent tax sales. Then, either move in, or sell
them for a huge profit. I recently sold a home for $350,000 which I purchased at a tax sale for only $3,582. This
can be done all over the US.  
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NEW! How to Start A Self-Publishing Internet Business
~~ Written by the publisher of this website ~~
Have you ever dreamed of writing a book and having it sold all over the world?  
Don't think you can do it?  I did it. I do it everyday.
Here’s proof that you can do it too:
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Want To Start Your Own Home Based Business But Don't Know What Kind
Business Process Outsourcing
We delivers innovative and value added business process outsourcing, call centre, BPO, KPO services to companies across the globe & to companies in India.
web designer in Mumbai Mulund.
web design, web development and search engine optimization specialized by Klick Solution in Mumbai (bombay) India.

Motivational Thought For The Day:

"A dream remains a dream unless you make a decision to achieve it."
Birbal Jha

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”
Ralph Marston

Is today the day you finally start earning and keeping the money you earned?
Or do you enjoy working for someone else
while they continue to get rich off of your efforts?


Special Offer!  Two For One Online Special
How to Acquire Homes – By Just Paying Off Their Back Taxes
How to Start a Judgment Recovery Business – From Your Kitchen Tabl
Order both and get 20%, 25% and even up to 37% discount. Click here for details.

Do to the overwhelming success of “How to Acquire Homes…” and “How to Start a Judgment Recovery
Business”, we have elected to merge the two manuals into one for the convenience of the buyers who wish to
have both.

Why are we doing this?
We have found that when a buyer buys one of these manuals they usually buy the other.
So we decided to make it easier for them. Instead of purchasing the two manuals separately
you can now have both manuals under one cover.
Plus save up to 37% as a bonus!  
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~ A little something different from the publishers of MPI ~

New! How to Prepare, Then Survive a Catastrophic Event
Can you protect your family from a natural disaster for an extended period of time?
This manual can show you how to prepare, then survive, a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. Hundreds of
thousands of lives every year are disrupted due to disasters.
Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses that accompany disasters.
Being prepared can increase your chances of survival.
Do you know what to do?
Check just how many disasters are being reported on a daily basis from around the world. For example: mudslides in
South America; volcano eruptions in a European country. Or simply consider disasters closer to home: flooding that
prevents getting around for a few days; hurricanes such as Hurricane Andrews, Hurricane Katrina; snow storms that
also shuts down a city. I can go on and on, but you get the picture. So don’t wait for it to happen. Then it will be too
late. Order your manual now and be ready before disaster strikes.

(Note from the publisher: This manual was not originally intended as a money maker but as disaster prep manual.
However we are getting thank you mail from some of the readers that they have turned this into a side business.
Hey, whatever floats your boat. If you’re making money, go for it. - MPI ).  
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NEW! How To Make Money As An Ordained Minister/Preacher

Ever wonder how some preachers drive expensive cars and live in big homes? Or how their spouses wear
expensive mink coats while flashing their bling?
For years this website has been dedicated to helping you make money with our “How-To” manuals. And, due to
your favorable response, we have been quite successful at it. But this is the first time one of our new manuals
has gotten such an overwhelming and favorable response virtually over night. It has been selling faster than we
can print it. And – are you ready for this? – A lot of the buyers are Ministers and Preachers!
That we were not

We have received hundreds of congratulatory letters from those same Ministers and Preachers the world over.
Many asking, (in jest of course), if this was written about them.
Suffix to say their names will forever be held in the strictest of confidence. We can’t have their flock know the
truth now can we?
Want to learn how to make money like they did?  
Learn more...
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