This is perfect for today's housing market. It explains how to acquire tax delinquent homes for just the back
Example: A while back I acquired a $250,000 home in a county tax sale for just $3,700. That was the total
amount of the delinquent taxes, plus other county fees. Today the house is valued at $425,000! Since then I
have acquired many more tax delinquent homes at real estate tax sales throughout the US, and have resold
them for huge profits. (See some examples below).

This tax lien handbook can help you into your first home, or turn you into a real estate investor, landlord, flipper
or whatever you choose. If you were looking for a money making idea this one is a jewel. It is one of the surest
ways of purchasing real estate without investing a fortune. And it's perfect for today's housing market!
How To Acquire Homes By Just Paying Off Their Delinquent Taxes
So whether you are looking for a home of your own, or wanting to get into the ground floor of real estate
investing, this manual can get you there. And it’s easier than you might think.

But before you take your hard earned money and go running off to the nearest tax sale, be forewarned. If you
don't know what you’re doing you can loose it all.

You need to check the property from top to bottom. If you don’t, then you could wind up with more trouble
than you can handle. This manual can show you what to look for when researching the property.

With more and more court houses going high tech and therefore are putting there research records on their
web sites, this manual can show you how to do a lot of the research right from your kitchen table using your
PC. But you still have to know what to look for. This manual can walk you through it. This booklet can also
help you with fixing the house to either, live in it, or resell it.

To help get you started on acquiring your tax delinquent properties, we have made it easy to order:
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Most everyone who visits this site are either here because they want a home, but have very little money;
They have some money, but want to invest it and make more.

Our “
How to Acquire Homes By Just Paying Off Their Delinquent Taxes"  manual can help you with both - make money on your investment, or acquire a home
for very little money.

But you need to act now.
Due to the unsteadiness of today’s housing market it’s to your advantage to act now. You need to get started before the market changes course again.

Are you taking a big risk and might lose your money?
Answer: You either receive a bag full of money on your investment, (up to 35% return), or you get to keep the house. You win in either case. There’s no risk!

Best part:  You can do it without any specials skills.
"Please extend our thanks to your staff for what you have helped us achieve here. As of today, we have purchased, and resold, 15 homes. We just acquire them for the back taxes, then, after
the grace period, we quickly turn around and resell them, "As Is". We don't even fix them to increase resale value. What's the point? We're already making a huge profit.
Judy & Anita - Louisiana
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How To Acquire Homes By Just Paying Off Their Delinquent Taxes
Of all the tax delinquent books that I have tried, this one was “short, sweet, and to the point”. It did not waste my time. It
got straight to the point. Everything was simplified. Very well written.
Jason T.
Palo Alto
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This booklet will show you:
(1) How to find tax delinquent properties in your area or across the U.S. (2) How to get your hands on them for
just the cost of the back taxes. (3) How to keep the home if the owner does not redeem his taxes.
(4) As a bonus, if the owner decides to pay the taxes, he or she must pay you the full amount that you paid, plus
up to 35% interest, depending on the state. Let me rephrase that last part. Even if you do not get the house,
because the homeowner decided to pay his or her taxes, you still make money. You win in either case.
(5) Don't have the money to start? Don't worry. Learn how to get money via what's called "
Hard Money
Here's a sample of what's included:

Understanding Taxes 101
What is Tax Sales Properties
What Are Tax Lien?
Is Your Tax Deed Free & Clear?
What Is A Tax Lien Certificate?
What Are The Risk With Tax Lien Certificate?
What You Should Know About Foreclosures
Where To Begin
Tax Sale Procedures
Interested In Investing Only?
How To Do Due Diligence
Using The Internet
Hard Money Lenders
Tips For Selling Your Home Fast & For Top Dollar
Smart Home Renovations
Renovations That Will Kill A Home’s Value
Land Lording
List of Lien, Deed & Hybrid States
Where To Find A List of County Assessors
Real Estate Glossary & Terms
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Here's a tip: At the beginning, along with being a Judgment
Recovery Specialist, I was also able to do this delinquent tax
sale research at the same time. And why not? I was already
in the court house records department anyway. This way I
was able to double my income by operating two home based
business at the same time. And you can too.
I acquired this $235K home for only
$8,000 in back taxes. Sold it for $200K.
I acquired this $500K home for only
$16,500 in back taxes. This is where I live
today. My wife wouldn't let me resell it.
I didn't get to keep this house because the
owner repaid his back taxes. But I did
make $2,364 on my investment. Not a bad
consolation price!
Below are just a few examples of what I have been able to accomplish over the years. After reading this manual I hope you will be able to surpass my accomplishments. In fact, with more houses on the
Tax Collectors list today, I know you can.
Got this $92K home for only $5,000 in
back taxes. Resold it one week later for
I didn't get this one because the owner
finally did repay his back taxes. But I did
make $1,185 on it.
I got this $369K home for only $10,500 in
back taxes. Resold it for $320K.
I was fortunate to land this multi-unit
modern office building for only the
delinquent taxes. I collect $3600 per
I acquired this 6 unit apartment building
for only the back taxes. Today I earn
$5600 per month from my tenants.
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
Walt Disney
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