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How To Start A Self-Publishing
Internet Business
Start your very own self-publishing business and website just like this one. You don’t
think you have a self-publisher in you? Think again. Like
Darcie Chan above, everyone has
something to say. Everyone has a book or two in them. And after you write one book, I
guarantee, you will very quickly write another. It’s addictive. The money is not bad either.
Still don’t think that you can do it? Here’s proof that you can:
I have no formal training in writing, yet I've written 15 books to date, and I have my own
home based publishing business.
I have no formal training in web design, yet I put together this website you’re in now - ALL
I have no formal training in marketing, yet all of my books are sold
And I have done all of this without a formal education.
So don't you believe, and never let anyone tell you, that you can’t do this same thing.
Here's your chance to earn a nice income with your very own
Self-Publishing & Internet Business
Darcie Chan did it - so can you!
Dear Mr. Melendez;  If you recall when we first met, I have always wanted to write, but I just
didn't think I could do it. That is until you offered some advise. Thanks to that advice I
now have
"How To Start A Judgment Recovery Business - From Your Kitchen Table" as
my first book. When that started to sell I was totally shocked. I had no idea that anyone
would want to read what I wrote. I was so excited that it inspired me to write my second
book, "
How To Care For The Elderly - A Non-Medical Guide". I presently have 4 books
out there all selling worldwide, all thanks to you. Now I see that you have put everything
you taught me into a How-To manual. Finally more individuals will have the same
chance at success that I have. All thanks to you.
Phyllis M. Croswell
Self-Published Author
Cartersville, GA
Want more proof? Read this testimonial from someone that I helped early in her career:
So if you ever wanted to have your own home based business, or try your hand at
writing a book, here's your chance to do both. I am talking about being a "Self-Publisher".
That means not having to submit your works to a commercial publisher just to be turned

Here's a little tid bit that I learned awhile back: Just because a commercial publisher
doesn't like your book doesn't mean others won't buy it. And as the self-publisher you get to
keep all of the money. You do not share it with any commercial publishers.
That's what self-publishing means: You wrote it, published it, and sold it = YOUR MONEY!
This manual will show you how to set up your very own self-publishing business
right on the Internet. You'll be running it right from your kitchen table. Here's just a small
sample of what's included in the manual:

This manual will show you:
How to become a self-publisher
How to choose your topics
How to put your thoughts on paper
How to edit your work
How to sell your books
Where to sell your books
How to set-up your very own
free web site
How to use the Internet to sell your books
Plus so much more
Ever dreamed of being a published author; of working from anywhere in the world, writing book after book, knowing that every one of
them will be published and sold worldwide.
Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, it's possible for that dream to become a reality.
But why stop at self-publishing? Why not start your own publishing company, just like this one you are in now? You don’t think you can do it?
You're not alone. I have helped many individuals become self- publishers; individuals who didn't think that they could do it.

Hi, my name is Severo Melendez. I am the publisher of MPI - Melendez Publishing International – (today one of the largest self-publishing
companies on the net).  I am also the author of
How to Start A Self-Publishing Internet Business, plus many other books.

When I started writing and self-publishing I didn't have many avenues to turn to for help and advice. So, through research and trial & error, I
taught myself. Today I am an accomplished author and the proud owner of my own publishing company.

Since I remember how tough it was getting started I have decided to put everything I learned about this business into a book. Maybe I can
help you realize your dream of becoming a writer.  

A word of caution! If you are one of those individuals that is looking to get rich quick - THIS AIN'T IT! Go play the lottery! Everything this side
of legal requires some effort. Yes, even this. But I have made it as easy as I possibly could. So with my experience, AND your effort, this
WILL work.

So order your copy today and get started writing and self-publishing your own books.

To help get you started on your Self-Publishing Internet venture, we have made it easy to order:

1)  You can download an eBook version to your PC or other electronic device
right now for only $10.
Just click here:

2)  With FREE SHIPPING included, you can order a hard copy via PayPal for only $39.95, using your debit or credit card, by clicking
on the PayPal "Buy Now" button below.

3)  With FREE SHIPPING included, you can buy a hard copy directly from the publisher for just $30. (Check or money orders only
please). Make checks payable to:
Melendez Publishing International
1033 West 45th Ave.
Gary, IN. 46408

Please specify that you want the “Self-Publishing” manual.
Please print or type your name clearly.

Welcome to
Melendez Publishing International
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Publisher's Note:
If you are tired of waiting for someone to hire you, then you must realize that that is where your problem lies. Stop waiting. Stop waiting for other people period! This is about
you. Not about others. You are the one who needs a job, not them. So get up off your ass and start doing for yourself!

If you're doing the same thing day-in and day-out, then it's no wonder you're having the same poor results day-in and day-out. If you're not happy with your results, then you
must change what you are doing. And what exactly is it that you are doing wrong? Simply put, You are WAITING!

You've gotten to this depressive state by waiting, and waiting, and waiting for others to hand you a job, or a raise, or a better future on a golden platter.
You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up off your ass and start looking out for yourself - because no one else will.  THE TRUTH HURTS, DOESN'T IT?

So take control of your own future and start earning your own income by starting any one of these home-based businesses listed on the left panel.
"A determined person will do more with a pen and
paper, than a lazy person will accomplish with a
personal computer."
~Catherine Pulsifer~