The late Ron L. Hubbard of the Scientology church once said:
"If you're going to make money in today's world,
you have to start a church."
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Is it ok for a Preacher or Minister to make money?
Nowhere is it written that a Preacher/Minister should not make money. Besides, a person’s gotta eat.

Do you need a license to “preach” in America?
No, it is a first amendment right. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Gotta love America!

What is the difference between a Licensed and an Ordained Minister?
Ordination is a status given by a church. A minister can become ordained in a variety of ways, from sending in an online registration form to
attending seminary for a few years. An ordained minister can perform all of the duties of a church leader, including leading services, preaching
and performing baptisms.
In some states, a minister must be licensed to perform a marriage ceremony legally. In this case, the minister must apply for his license with
the county or state government. A license is only needed for weddings; anything else a minister performs does not require the use of a
license, since nothing else is a legal ceremony.

These are but a sample of what you will find in this manual. Want more? Here is a peek at the Table of Contents:
For years this website has been dedicated to helping you make money with our “How-To” manuals. And, due to your favorable response, we
have been quite successful at it. But this is the first time one of our new manuals has gotten such an overwhelming and favorable response.
It has been selling faster than we can print it. And – are you ready for this? – A lot of the buyers are Ministers and Preachers!
That we were not expecting.
To be honest, we were at first hesitant about releasing this manual due to its religious content clashing with its money making content. We
were afraid that we were going to get a lot of hate mail from believers. But the devil (aka “Greed”) made us go through with it. Boy, are we
glad we did. We have received hundreds of congratulatory letters from those same Ministers and Preachers the world over. Many asking, (in
jest of course), if this was written about them. Suffix to say their names will forever be held in the strictest of confidence. We can’t have their
flock know the truth now can we?
Besides showing you “How To Make Money as a Preacher/Minister” this manual also answers questions like:
Is It OK for a Pastor to Earn a Good Salary?
Why Do Pastors Always Talk About Money
How Pastors Get Rich

Chapter 2
Becoming Ordained
The Difference Between a License and an Ordained Minister
Why So Many Self-Made Preachers
Requirements to Becoming a Christian Minister
How to Obtain a Minister’s License
How to Become a Nondenominational Licensed Minister
The Black Church

Chapter 3
The Most Important Things Church Members Desire In a Pastor
What Makes an Effective Preacher
Skills of Great Preachers
Using Other Preacher's Sermon
Preparation for Performing a Wedding Ceremony
The Actual Wedding Ceremony

Chapter 4
Starting Your Own Church
How to Start a Local Church
How to Start a Universal Life Church
The Online Church or the Multisite Church
Worship Service and Your Online Church
Doing Good Works Through Your Online Church
Sunday School and Your Online Church
How to Ordain Others in Your Online Church
The Secrets of Effective Preaching

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I have been ministering for over 30 years and I have to admit that this is all true. There is big money to be made if you know how.
Rev. K.W.
(Thank you MPI for withholding my name.)
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Deny it all you want, but running a church is big business.  If you know what you want out of it, this manual can show you how to get it.
Doris T.
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I couldn’t believe that someone had the audacity to write something like this. But after reading it I had to implement some of their ideas. Very good suggestions.
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Thinking outside the box. If I knew some of these ideas years ago I could have been retired by now.  But it’s never too late to start.
Rev. L
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Written by
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