How To Start A
Judgment Recovery Business

Author's Note:  This was my very first venture into self employment. Starting a home business was the best decision of my life. Naturally I was a little scared at first, but after I got my first
check, that feeling quickly disappeared. This Judgment Recovery business is a combination of working on your kitchen table and looking up "stuff" in your friendly neighborhood court house.
For me, personally, this one is a lot easier to do than it was for me to describe on paper. So trust me, you can do this one almost immediately after reading the handbook.
Here's a tip: At the beginning, along with being a Judgment Recovery Specialist, I was also able to do Delinquent Tax Sale research at the same time. And why not? I was already in the
court house records department anyway. This way I was able to double my income by working on 2 great money making projects at the same time. And you can too.
If you are interested in both,
Judgment Recovery & How to Acquire Homes, you will find a discount for both here.

WHAT'S THE INCOME POTENTIAL? My very first case took me a week to do. It was a $6000 recovery. I received
half, or $3000. Unlike most jobs where you will get a predetermined amount, no matter how hard you work, as a JRS,
you will control your income simply by being picky with the types of cases you wish to work on. Not all cases will return
big money - some will return a little - still others will return a lot. I will show you how to pick the ones that show a potential
for a higher return, while staying away from the cases that show little or no income potential.

IS IT A SAFE BUSINESS? It's very safe. You will never confront the defendants. The local sheriff's department, or the
levying officer, will do all the garnishing for you. But the best part is, since you will have the sheriff do all of your
garnishing, the person they collect from will never, ever, know you were involved. You will be safely tucked at home, at
your kitchen table, working on your next case. What could be safer?
Welcome to the very lucrative world of Judgment Recovery. Everyday thousands of individuals throughout
the U.S. are awarded judgments by small claims court. However, having been awarded a judgment was the easy
part. For these judgment winners, trying to collect that money is almost impossible ....
This judgment recovery manual can teach you how to collect these judgments while keeping half of everything that
you collect. That's right, I said half of everything that you collect is yours to keep.
It is a huge untapped market. The money which lies untapped within, grows annually by leaps and bounds. Today
it stands at approximately $200 Billion, (including $41 billion in uncollected
Child Support Payments).
It is one of, if not,
the best home based business opportunity today.
Very few know about it, which makes it the perfect time to get in.
You will most likely be the only one offering this service in and around your area.
You don’t need a higher education or sales experience of any kind.
The occasional trip to the public records department, inside your local courthouse, is your only venture outdoors.
And, (are you ready for this?), you don't need any type of license to do this type of work.
To help get you started on your Judgment Recovery venture, we have made it easy to order:

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Testimonials:    I cannot express how happy I am with my Judgment Recovery handbook and with my experience in the Judgment Recovery Industry. You were absolutely correct when you said that it is much
Lori Thomson – Pembroke Pines, FL

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This is so simple. Not "easy" (real
business takes some work)... it's
simple. No technical barriers will
frustrate and stop you.
defendant), in small claims court, and wins the case. That just means that the court proclaimed the plaintiff the
winner and the court ordered the defendant to pay the plaintiff a said dollar amount. So now the plaintiff is
awarded a piece of paper proclaiming them a judgment winner. But now the hard part is getting the defendant to
actually pay-up.
You see, the court cannot collect the money for the judgment winners. It is actually up to the judgment winners to
collect their own judgments. But with no pressure to pay-up from the courts, and with the plaintiffs not knowing
how to collect their winnings, the defendants, in 80% of the cases, walk away without ever paying the judgment.
  • Trained as a Judgment Recovery Specialist, or JRS for short.
  • Trained in the art of searching through all the avenues for the defendant’s hidden assets.
  • Trained in finding the defendant’s bank accounts and employment payroll checks.
  • Trained in using the sheriff’s department to garnish and extract these hidden assets.
How To Start A Judgment Recovery Business
Publisher's Note:
Having your own business can relieve you of the headaches that are brought about by working for someone else. It can also give you total control of your own personal income. As your
own employer there is never a fear of layoffs or office politics. The corporate “ladder” is put away in the tool shed because you are the boss and there is no one to climb over. Ahhh!
Complete and total control of your own future. Employment doesn’t get any better than this. And starting this business is a lot easier than one might think.

So take control of your own future and start earning your own income by starting any one of these home-based businesses listed on the left panel. STOP WAITING AND ORDER ONE TODAY!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't say thank you enough. You were absolutely correct. This was so easy.
I kept saying that I was doing something wrong because this was just too easy.
But here I am earning a VERY NICE living.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jenny J - Buffalo, NY

As seen on a CNN report:
"According to a Small Business Administration source,
this is the perfect time to start a small business".
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How To Start A Judgment Recovery Business
(from your kitchen table)
Perfect for today's economy!
This guide is short, sweet and to the point.
Here’s a sample of what’s included:
Four Options To Your Judgment
Setting Up Your Business
Finding Your Clients
Marketing Letter Samples
Meeting Your Clients
Setting A Price For Your Services
Contracts And Agreements Forms
Locating Your Debtors & Their Assets
Public Records
Collecting Your Judgment
Thoughts & Tips
Exploring Business Ownership Options
Statue of Limitations & Interest Rates
Fee Schedule
Service Agreement Sample
Court Forms & Fees
Information Gathering Form
Plus Much More
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1) Lorie, from Georgia:  As a divorced, stay at home Mom with three little ones, trying to collect my child support from my ex husband, was nearly impossible. Also, with no special training, my options for work were very
limited. But I needed some sort of income. I tried a number of other, so called, home based business, but they all required a large amount of start-up money up-front. But my prayers where answered when I came
across your web site. Since your home business ideas required no large start-up fee, I figured, “What do I have to lose?’ Shortly after ordering “The Judgment Recovery” manual, I was able to cash my first check inside
of 30 days. My second check came three days later. Now I average 2 checks per week. Today my biggest clients are single Moms - I help them recover their child support payments. Now how cool is that?  I haven’t even
advertised, so I guess it’s all been word of mouth. One Mom telling another, then another. As a bonus, I collected on my own child support payments all by myself. He never saw it coming. I experienced a "Gotcha"
moment!! Thanks, again, and God Bless you all.

2) Robert from Illinois: After working in the steal mills for over 30 years, my company decided to move the mill to foreign soils. After 12 months of trying unsuccessfully to find work, frustrated, unemployed and too old to
even be interviewed, I decided to work for myself. The answer was your Judgment Recovery handbook. This book  has me earning a decent living today, as they say “from my kitchen table”. My biggest clients are the
small doctors and dentist offices in my area.

3) David and Keisha from North Carolina:  As newly weds we found ourselves struggling financially right from the very start. For every job we “moved up to” it seemed that we would get deeper in debt. It finally dawned on
us that the harder we worked, the more money our bosses made, but not us. So we decided to become self employed. After looking around, and doing some research, we both agreed that being judgment recovery
specialist was the answer. Today we have a successful judgment recovery business. So successful, that even law firms are sending work our way. Thank you Melendez Publishing. (Oh, by the way, David and I have now
started acquiring homes using your, "How To Acquire Homes", manual.) Thanks, again