How To Start A Human Resources
Consulting Business
How To Start A Human Resources Consulting Business
- from your kitchen table
It's so simple. Not "easy" (real business takes some work)... it's simple.
No technical barriers will frustrate and stop you.
Three months after receiving your HR manual I had three big clients, and two small Mom & Pop
manufacturing plants. Five clients in three months, and all I had was basic HR experience. Thank you so
very much.
Grace H. - Ohio
If you have ever worked for a temp staffing agency, or even have some basic
HR experience elsewhere, and are looking for an idea for a home based
business, than let’s talk about starting your own Human Resource Consulting
Yes, you did read that correctly. With your past HR experience you can have
your very own HR consulting business running right from your kitchen table.

Welcome to the exciting, and very lucrative, world of the Human Resources
Consulting. As part of the Kitchen Table Office Series, The Human Resources
Consulting Book was put together to give those who have basic HR experience,
the opportunity of having their own HR consulting business. It comes with a "To-
Do" plan. It is chock full of do’s and don’ts about running your own HR business.

Here's a sample of what's included in this manual:
Sales tips to help sell your services to your clients;
Tips on the basics of employee benefits for your clients;
How to recruit & how to hire,
How to build a strong team for your clients;
Tips on employment laws;
How to write an employee hand book for your clients,
and so much more.

With this HR manual, and with just your basic HR knowledge, you can have your
own HR consulting business up and running, right from you kitchen table,
almost immediately.

This manual is short, sweet and to the point. It's absolutely perfect for today's
labor market!
So order your copy today to get started immediately owning your own Human
Resources Consulting Business.
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How To Start A Human Resources Business
Regarding Your Future - If you do today what you did yesterday, then expect to have the same results that you had yesterday. Change what you’re doing and your
outcome will change.
Were you satisfied with your outcome yesterday? With where you are today? If not, then this manual can get you started on becoming self employed and a better tomorrow.
So order today and start changing your results for a better tomorrow!
To help get you started on your Human Resources venture, we have made it easy to order:

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As seen on a CNN report:
"According to a Small Business
Administration source, this is the
perfect time to start a small
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About the author:
Severo "Sal" Melendez, author and
publisher of Melendez Publishing
International, is a formal owner of a
national employment service. He got his
start in Chicago, Illinois.
His background is in Human Resources,
law and the medical field.