How To Start A
good as any man when it comes to fixing and repairing. You just have to be
willing to give it a try.

I have been the owner / operator of "Sal's Fixit Company" since 1995. It used to
be that whenever I would show up at a client's work site they would always ask,
"Where is Sal?" Yes, they were expecting a male, but instead they got a little,
petite, female by the name of Sally.
Most of the time they were hesitant to give me the job. I would have to talk my
way in. But after they saw that I could do what I said I could, they turned into
believers. Soon they started calling my company as repeat customers.

So if I can be a handyman, ah, I mean a
Handywoman, so can you.
Learn how to start and operate your very own Handywoman home based business.
It's perfect for today's economy!
These are some of the services that I offer in my business. They are all included
in this book so that you may pick and choose the ones that you want. I'll walk
you through the whole process, step-by-step.

Chapter 1  
Oil Change “To-Go” Service - That's where I offer to change my
client's car oil either at their jobs or at their homes. I even offer to wash cars
there too.
Getting Your Clients - I can show you how to find your clients.

Chapter 2   
Home Services - Learn all about the following services:
Residential Cleaning - Includes a
Cleaning Estimation Bid Form and a General
Cleaning Check List
to help you when talking with your clients.
Painting - Learn some "how-to's" about painting.
Landscape Maintenance Services - Includes some handy tips. Repairing A Deck - A
popular request
Window Cleaning Services - Very easy and very profitable.
Office Cleaning Services - This one keeps me busy.

Chapter 3   
Concierge Services - You can even learn how to offer concierge

Chapter 4  
 Child Care Services - This is more than just baby sitting.

Chapter 5  
 Pet Services - There is a lot of money to be made here.
Dog Groomer - Don't worry, I can show you how I do it.
Become A Professional Pooper Scooper - You won't laugh when you   see that
some "Scoopers" make about $6000 per month!
Other Pet Services To Consider - More opportunities to make money.

Bonus Section - Businesses Designed For Seniors
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How To Start A Handywoman Service
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