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Tired of hearing, “I promise I'll give you some money in two weeks. As soon as I get paid. In two
weeks. This time, I promise.”

Enough already!! Stop playing games with those dead beats parents!

With this manual you can finally start collecting your own child support payments. No longer do
you have to sit around waiting while someone else tries to do this for you. Face it. The Social
Workers all have more cases than they can handle. Besides, whatever they can do for you, you
can do it yourself. This manual can show you how.

This manual can also show you how to LEGALLY garnish wages and bank accounts from those
deadbeat parents. You will also learn how to put a lean on their personal properties, such as their
cars, homes, boats, etc. So if they try to either get a loan or sell their property you will get yours
first. Plus so many other ways of getting your hands on their money.

Approximately 30 million children in the U.S. are owed more than $41 billion, (that's billion with a
“b”), in unpaid child support. Some, (a small percentage), are “fortunate” in that they receive a
small portion of their court ordered payments. Truth be told, only a small percentage of these
children actually receive any money. While others, a very large percentage, never receive
anything at all. It’s very frustrating for the parents of these children to constantly chase after the
delinquent parent for their child support payments.

The problem continues to grow because these custodial parents do not know how to go about
collecting their children’s support payments. And why don’t they know this? Let's face it, they just
don’t teach this stuff in school.

So if you have been waiting for what seems like forever to collect your child’s support payments,
then order this manual today and take matters into your own hands. Otherwise, continue to do
nothing, and you will continue to collect nothing. (The truth hurts, doesn’t it?)
Here’s a sample of what’s included in this manual:

**How to figure out the amount of what the deadbeat parent owes.

**How to file a wage garnishment. This is the best approach when dealing with someone who
keeps avoiding his/her obligation.

**How much to legally garnish.

**How to legally garnish from a bank account.
**Plus much, much more
So order today and finally start collecting your money.

To help get you started on collecting your own child support payments, we have made it easy to order:

1)  You can download a PDF copy directly to your PC or other electronic device
right now for only $10.
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3)  With FREE SHIPPING included you can buy a hard copy directly from the publisher, for just $30. (Check or money orders only please).
Make checks payable to:
Melendez Publishing International
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Please print, or type, your name clearly.
As a single Mom of 2 boys, I had all kinds of problems trying to collect my Child Support Payments from
the boy's deadbeat dad. But after reading your handbook, I went after him with both barrels. I was so
successful that I turned it into a full-time home-based business. Now I help other Moms trying to collect
their Child Support Payments. Now how cool is that?
Thank you, so very much!
Rita Johnson - Hollywood, CA
This is so simple. Not "easy"
(real challenges takes some
work)... it's simple. No
technical barriers will
frustrate and stop you.
Click here
Regarding Your Future
If you do today what you did yesterday, then expect to have the same results that you had yesterday. Change what you’re doing and your outcome will change.
Were you satisfied with your outcome yesterday? With where you are today? If not, then our manuals can get you started on a better tomorrow.
So order today and start changing your results for the better!
How To Collect Your Own Child Support Payments
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Learn How To Collect Your Own Child Support Payments
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