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1) Lorie, from Georgia:  As a divorced, stay at home Mom with three little ones, trying to collect my child support from my ex husband, was nearly impossible. Also, with no special training, my options for
work were very limited. But I needed some sort of income. I tried a number of other, so called, home based business, but they all required a large amount of start-up money up-front. But my prayers
where answered when I came across your web site. Since your home business ideas required no large start-up fee, I figured, “What do I have to lose?’ Shortly after ordering “The Judgment Recovery”
manual, I was able to cash my first check inside of 30 days. My second check came three days later. Now I average 2 checks per week. Today my biggest clients are single Moms - I help them recover
their child support payments. Now how cool is that?  I haven’t even advertised, so I guess it’s all been word of mouth. One Mom telling another, then another. As a bonus, I collected on my own child
support payments all by myself. He never saw it coming. I experienced a "Gotcha" moment!! Thanks, again, and God Bless you all.

2) Robert from Illinois: After working in the steal mills for over 30 years, my company decided to move the mill to foreign soils. After 12 months of trying unsuccessfully to find work, frustrated, unemployed
and too old to even be interviewed, I decided to work for myself. The answer was your Judgment Recovery handbook. This book  has me earning a decent living today, as they say “from my kitchen table”.
My biggest clients are the small doctors and dentist offices in my area.

3) David and Keisha from North Carolina:  As newly weds we found ourselves struggling financially right from the very start. For every job we “moved up to” it seemed that we would get deeper in debt. It
finally dawned on us that the harder we worked, the more money our bosses made, but not us. So we decided to become self employed. After looking around, and doing some research, we both agreed
that being judgment recovery specialist was the answer. Today we have a successful judgment recovery business. So successful, that even law firms are sending work our way. Thank you Melendez
Publishing. (Oh, by the way, David and I have now started acquiring homes using your, "How To Acquire Homes", manual.) Thanks, again

1)  We use to publish the full name and email of anyone who sent us a testimonial of their success with our manuals. However, to prevent spamming we stopped the practice. Our clients are very
special to us. We will protect them.

2) Because our manuals can be easily scanned and/or copied - All sales are final.
These money making ideas are all so simple. However they are not "get-rich-quick" ideas. You must work them to succeed.... They're simple.
No technical barriers will frustrate and stop you.
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Regarding Your Future
If you do today what you did yesterday, then expect to have the same results that you had yesterday. Change what you’re doing and your outcome will change.
Were you satisfied with your outcome yesterday? With where you are today? If not, then our manuals can get you started on becoming self employed and a better tomorrow.
So order one of our manuals today and start changing your results for a better tomorrow!
We here at MPI, are dedicated to offering you the best how-to info on the net. Our manuals are
specifically geared toward home based businesses and other proven money making opportunities.

Our home based business ideas and our work from home opportunities are legitimate home based
businesses. Many of our work from homes ideas can be started with very little, and in some cases,
no money up front.
Each new business idea and homebased business ideas have been thoroughly investigated for
their legitimacy before we go forward with them.
Based on those researches we have compiled a list of great money making ideas and suggestions
that you can start now.

Regarding your future:
You can either continue to sit there and do nothing - and continue to get nothing in return -
OR you can choose one of our easy-to-start money making ideas.
Just click on any suggestions listed on the left panel to get started.
About Our Founder:

Severo "Sal" Melendez, author, publisher
and CEO of Melendez Publishing
International, got his start in Chicago,
He has worked in Human Resources, law
and the medical fields. He is also a
successful real estate investor and a
formal owner of a national employment
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